Victorville offers several advantages to other locations in the region, including a fully functioning airport, low utility costs and close proximity to all western markets.



Robust multimodal capabilities, including ground transportation services.

1,954-acre Foreign Trade Zone & U.S. Customs Point of Entry designation.

Plans are already under way for further development and expansion of SCLA, including aviation and non-aviation building space.

Home to the country’s second longest commercial runway.



An estimated 60% of all goods moving into and out of Southern California travel through Victorville.

Cargo can be cleared and transported to the West and points eastward within 24-hours via ground or rail.

Express access to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which are located less than 100 miles away.


Recognized Leader

California Redevelopment Association's 2011 Awards of Excellence Commercial/Industrial development award.

Grand Prize Award for Economic Development Partnership by the California Association of Local Economic Developers (CALED).

CoreNet Global Economic Development Leadership Award finalist.



Victorville's Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business rating has been the lowest in the region.

Victorville has made large investments in its public infrastructure system, including its airport, electrical, natural gas, roadway, water and wastewater treatment systems.

Located in the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District (MDAQMD), a business-friendly air district with a can-do attitude.

Home to the 233-acre Foxborough Industrial Park, designed to expand commerce in Victorville.



Victorville's Auto Park at Valley Center includes eight premier dealerships for residents as the only auto mall in the entire Victor Valley.

Home to Desert Plazas, which is planned to include over 800,000 square-feet of retail space.

Nearby to the Mall of Victor Valley, the only regional mall in the area.